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Put asyncio into debug mode:


Running the tests

First you will need to install the testing requirements:

pip install .[development]

You will also need Redis 5 or above available locally, specify the path to the redis-server command using the REDIS_SERVER environment variable:


Now you can run the tests using:


Note that you can run subsets of the tests as follows:

pytest -m unit  # Fast with high coverage
pytest -m integration
pytest -m reliability


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Quote regarding Rust:

For newbs/outsiders looking in, I think a lot of it has to do with a culture of validating people's experiences. That's difficult. If a user complains about it, the natural reaction can easily be to go defensive ("You're doing it wrong" or "we documented that here"). Rust has successfully fostered a culture of approaching it as an opportunity to learn something ("Why did you not see the documentation").

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Everyone is coming from different cultures with different language skills. Assume perceived rudeness is due to different social norms or poorer English skills. Perhaps assume the person has 3 children running around screaming while they filed the bug report. All these attributes stack the deck against them contributing, so try to be especially kind, patient, and grateful, even though your initial response may be the opposite.